Questions or Comments?


Q: When should I reserve my event rentals?

A: The best answer to this question is "the sooner the better." By planning and reserving earlier you will assure your items availability. If you are planning an event to take place between April and September, 90 days is a good rule of thumb to help ensure that we are able to meet your needs and satisfy your requests.

Q: How do I know where to set up my tent?

A: A flat area with dimensions approximately 5 feet longer and wider than the desired tent with 15 to 30 feet of overhead clearance is generally necessary. The area needs to be free of power lines and other utilities (both above and below ground). Stakes must be driven into the ground when a tent is setup. Additionally, with the exception of small pole tents, vehicles generally need to be operated in close proximity to the tent site.

Q: What is my responsibility regarding damage?

A: Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from delivery/pick up to return. A non-refundable damage waiver of 10% is placed on all rental orders and can be removed if requested. This covers accidental damage from normal usage such as: broken glass, chipped plates, and small burn holes in linen. The damage waiver does not cover any items not returned including crates and racks. Also not covered is excessive amount of breakage due to negligence, molded linen, and excessive wax on linen. All items should be secured and protected from weather conditions.

Q: What can I expect regarding the equipment usage?

A: Please be sure to inspect all rental equipment upon pick up or delivery. Notify us of any discrepancies with your order so we can quickly resolve any issues for you. All items come to you clean, polished, and ready to use. Prior to pick up or return, all equipment should be free of food and replaced in their delivery containers. To prevent mildew and staining, linens should not be placed in plastic bags or air-tight containers Tables and chairs should be broken down, stacked, and returned to the same delivery location.

Q: Do you set up everything upon delivery?

A: Set up and break down of the tent is included in the delivery fee. Set up and breakdown of the tables and chairs is an additional fee: $2/table and $1/chair

Q: What size tent will I need?

A: Please call us and discuss your event and we will make the appropriate recommendation for your needs.

Q: When can my rental order be delivered and
picked up?

A: We provide delivery service to the Capital District and beyond. Delivery fees vary by distance and are time-sensitive. Many public facilities (event venues, hotels, conference hall, state parks, etc.) require that rental items be removed from the property at the conclusion of the event. We provide same day and weekend pickup at after hour rates.